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buy real youtube comments? What does it do if there are likes and views?

A very common idea that many social media operators accept. Views and likes are enough, for what do I need the comments? Unfortunately, far from it. In general, comments are one of the most important forms of success on YouTube. Many see them as annoying and annoying, especially since there are many hate comments and spam to assign them any value. Some YouTubers have even gone so far as to close their comments fields. Because the whole thing is quite complex if you still want to delete it. But the whole thing can go differently. There are many reasons why you should buy real youtube comments. Here are some.

Ranking Factor! What’s it all about?

Well, in short your range. But that would only be roughly mentioned. If your videos have a certain number of views, you owe it to YouTube’s ranking. In general, clicks count and for your ranking. This is how it was thought. But of course there is also a value in the comments. The comments are an important part of your success and should not be underestimated. Since comments are less common than thumbs up or just clicking the video, YouTube’s algorithm calculates it more. Even stars who switched off their comment function regretted this and quickly changed the whole thing again. Comments are a good basis for other users to build a conversation.

Feedback Info!

First and foremost, you can get a lot of feedback for your videos. Of course, there are always hater comments that are hateful. In the meantime, agencies have joined forces to remove hate messages, since these are often already illegal. Now you should hide them and read through those that are serious. Answer your community to your question below your videos. Because you would also like it if you answered your questions. You can also tap into a trend with the comments. Whether you should continue to invest time in this topic or not.

Comments are of great value

As already mentioned, comments should not be underestimated. They are weighted higher in the algorithm than likes or views , so you should deal with them. Because a user needs more time to get involved in a comment. Buying YouTube comments also means cosmetic benefits, as well as encouraging your fans to write more comments. This is often the icebreaker to make it easier for others to get started. Because often we have this herd behavior in us. Social marketers call this behavior social proof.

Comments increase interactions

Although the views are of great relevance for the search result, comments have to do with the length of stay, which is ultimately related to the ranking. The more people comment, the more the YouTube algorithm recognizes interactions. You can also take advantage of this. Since many users also scroll down after the video to read the comments, buying YouTube comments can be exactly one solution to get the followers to write. This can result in new subscribers.

Visibility on YouTube

Visibility? What should I do with that? That’s a good question. We will explain this to you. Not only that. We will show you how much you will benefit. Now we come to visibility. This is about users seeing your videos. How do you do that? You have to strive for your ranking. This ensures that your videos appear in the trends. There are many factors that affect ranking. Accordingly, comments are one of these important factors. Buying youtube comments skyrockets your ranking. It can’t be right? But. It can. Take care of your content and let’s push your ranking.